Make it sound good!

Normally when you go to a night club/bar, most of the times you can chose the songs that you love to lessen on that places. That means when you go out you have the chance of finding some DJ that works out for you or really not so well. So, what you have to do to change it? Simple…always chose and know your DJ!


You can not control the music from de Dj´s in your night club, disco or bar but you can chose the best Dj with the best songs for your Weeding day. By finding one good Dj for your Big Day its certain that you will be on control on the music of your day. You wont take the risk to have some horrible an non sense music for your Perfect Day. Its very important the choice of your music on this day or else you will regret later. Always its very important to know who will play the music in your weeding day and make a good plan from the music that you want to have.

Make yourself very clear about this subject, make sure that the DJ understands your point of view because its simple : its your day and the responsibility to choose good music its always You and you! Not the DJ. The DJ will just pass the music that you want.Otherwise you can get 1 of 2 results :

1 – You have always the chance to get one good Dj that will work fine with no planning about the style and musical moment of your weeding. It will be just….let’s say…fine!…

2 – Or it will be very bad and disappointing for you!

So take this note for you! Don’t let this responsibility in strange hands! Don’t take for guaranteed just because you will contract a DJ and he/She will understand perfectly your way or that will do all perfect. Take no chances!So, choose well your DJ, the songs/style of music that you desire for your Big Day and above it all, have fun!

Dance like you never dance before! 🙂


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