{Wedding Theme} Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (GOT) is one of the most successful TV shows of our days and the whole planet stops every time a new episode is released. It’s produced by HBO and based on the literary saga of George R. R. Martin, that transports us to a medieval time with an epic narrative, compelling characters, gore, sex and death… a lot of death.

This special (and not easy) wedding theme can be incorporated in a subtle way, or you can go full mode and use many elements to make sure your guests feel the GOT spirit. It’s a perfect theme for a winter wedding since it can be associated with the famous “Winter is coming“. However, it can also be a good choice for autumn/spring weddings, since the show often showcases amazing green landscapes and forests. This allows for a softer introduction of the medieval thematics and won’t come as much of a shock to the most traditional guests.

Below you will find some suggestions of how to involve the GOT world on your wedding day in different ways, either with small details here and there or as a general wedding theme.

1. Colour palettes and styles:

You can use a combination of your favourite colours or if you really want to go full GOT spirit, we suggest a palette that includes gold, red, grey and even black. Other colours, such as ivory and dark green are also welcome in the decor. Since the story develops in a medieval era, make sure to include metal tones, such as gold, rose gold and/or silver.

If you have a favourite GOT house, you can also choose to adopt their colour palette for your wedding decor. Below we show you some colour palettes we created for the biggest houses in GOT: Lannister, Stark, Targaryen and Tyrell.


As a general GOT palette with the show thematics, we suggest the one below that incorporates intense red (Targaryen), grey and blue (Stark) and gold (Lannister and Tyrell). In case you are wondering how to make dark tones work in a wedding setting, you can check this wonderful styled shoot here.

Cores_GOT_092. Decor

You can have a lot of fun with your wedding decor by making something completely different from a traditional wedding decor or, in case you don’t want to scare your more traditional guests, add just a few details. If you will have a civil ceremony, you can arrange for it to take place in a forest (like our Alice) and it can be during sunset, to allow you to create a nice decor full of candles (just be careful if you use candles in a forest setting).

Another option is to find a beautiful palace or castle (like our Belle) and have either the ceremony or party there. Do you want to elope? Portugal has amazing castles, palaces and old hotels where you can have your amazing GOT wedding. Need more info? Contact T A L E S Weddings and they will surely help you choose your dream wedding location.



In case you have a more traditional venue and a “tent-style” room, you can add fairy light strings to the ceiling. This will make the atmosphere feel more mystic. If you won’t be able to add them inside the room, look for your options in a garden or an outside area in your venue (see how this couple use light strings to take amazing wedding pictures). Whenever possible, use candles, wooden pieces and as many floral decor pieces as you can, including a lot of greenery and moss, to give a forest ambience. If you want to take the decor to another level, add small elements that characterize GOT, such as crowns, dragons and dragon eggs, animals from the different families, swords, shields, coats of arms or others that make you think of GOT.

Why not creating a seating plan where every table is one of the GOT houses? You can even give each guest a character and play some GOT games during the day.

3. Cake

Regarding the wedding cake, you can go full on geek mode or just add small details. If you like simpler cakes, order a cake with white icing, frosting or sugar paste (or opt for a naked cake, which is one of the new trends) and add natural fresh flowers.



Our Belle cut her cake using a sword while Rains of Castamere, one of the most emblematic songs of GOT, was playing in the background. Check it all here.

4. Stationery

One of the details that allow your imagination to run wild is the wedding invitation. There are so many options, designs, colours and types to choose from and this allows you to really take advantage of your theme. You can (and should) use coats of arms and if you really want to be original, find a vendor that will make a customized coat of arms for your new family. If you already have a pet, you can also include them in your house sigil, as the mascot (like the lion for the Lannisters or the wolf for the Startks). This will not only give it a fun touch but is also a really nice way of incorporating your pet on your special day. Not many people use ravens nowadays, but if you want a customized message, you can find a vendor for calligraphy.



As we mentioned above, you can also use GOT to name your tables: different kingdoms, favourite characters or names of houses and families. You can use kraft paper to make it look like an old script and use calligraphy and medieval english.

5. Bride, Groom and bridal party

The bride may choose something related to the theme or something more traditional but add some special medieval touches. Use lace, embroidery, non-white dresses (blush or champagne) with golden or silver details. Instead of the traditional veil, why not a cape? Capes are very on trend for 2017/2018.

If you want a totally customized dress, maybe inspired on one of Daenerys or Margaery’s favourite dresses, contact our “Ana Fairy Tale”, because she knows how to make your dreams come true.



For the groom, the ideal is a dark suit (good news, dark blue is very in at the moment), with accessories matching the wedding colours. If you’re having a winter wedding, he can take a small fur shrug on his shoulders (especially for some greats shots) and/or a “Hand of the King” pin, for a special touch (who doesn’t like Tyrion?).



Your bridal party can follow the same style or a more discrete and traditional one, if you want the bride and groom to shine even more. If you prefer the themed version, your maid of honour and bridesmaids may use a fluid dress (and a cape in winter) and, instead of the traditional bouquet or corsage, they can hold old lanterns with a nice candle inside and a beautiful floral piece. If the groom is not going to use the “Hand of the King” pin, he can give one as a present and get his bridal party to wear one and swear to advise him well.



6. Hair

The hair, with no doubt, can be inspired by your favourite female characters. The most common GOT styles are braids and half updos. Bellow, we gathered a few of the best hairstyles that can fit a wedding look.


To give the hairstyle a special touch, you can use fresh flowers, a tiara or a nice pin with a lot of detail and some sparkle. Below we show you some examples of how to add accessories to the hairstyles we suggest above.



7. Bouquet

The bouquet style (or bouquets if your bridal party will take some) will depend a bit on the colour palette you choose.  Here you have some suggestions that match a medieval theme and most of the colour palettes in GOT.



8. Photos

With this theme, you have endless amazing possibilities for some style photos in your wedding attire. Use a lot of props, such as swords, daggers, flags, crowns, and look for whimsical places, such as forests, castles and palaces. You can take a few of these on your wedding day, for some fun shots, or have a Trash the Dress later on and go full on GOT mode! If you are going to get married in a place that has horses, make sure you talk to your vendor and photographer and incorporate them in some shots.



9. Extras

For that extra special touch, you can use a dragon egg to carry the wedding rings or a small medieval box with some moss inside. As wedding favours, you can give away little chocolate dragon eggs, which will delight children and adults alike. For the special people who helped you during all the preparation for the big day (and, let’s be honest, had to deal with you on your full Bridezilla mode once and again), a t-shirt with a funny sentence is a nice gift and can be used by the bridal party during the morning of the wedding.


Did you like this theme? Do you have suggestions or something that you would really like us to write about? Contact us!

If you’re looking for vendors in Portugal, check our favourite ones!

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