{Real Wedding} A wedding across the Atlantic

Marcelle & Edmond


Life is a journey and Edmond was far from imagining that he would find part of his life literally on the other side of the world.



This is the story of a Portuguese man, dressed as a native American Indian, whose eyes heart got stuck to a Brazilian beauty during Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval. He played many volleyball matches until he got to this final matched, the one both of them desired the most!


The trip continues and Marcelle and Edmond know that they are a great example of how the sea and ocean can be unifying rather than separating.


A Marcelle e o Edmond got married July 29 2017, in Quinta do Clero, Bom Velho de Baixo, Portugal.
Pedro Agostinho Cruz


Phone: 91 153 95 24 | Address: Figueira da Foz | e-mail: pedocruz@gmail.com

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