A wonderful “Trash the dress” in Azores

We fell in love as soon as we laid our eyes on some of the photographs of this couple… find out everything about them and this photoshoot!

Azores was a destination that was always on our list! When the moment came to decide where we would have the honeymoon, the choice was easy, clear and unanimous.

We decided do challenge Rui, from Golden Days Photography, to be a part of this adventure of preparing a “Trash the dress” only two days after we got married.

This was a fantastic adventure! We were newlyweds and were still totally into the “wedding spirit”. It was amazing to be able to portray ourselves as bride and groom all accross S. Miguel island, including Furnas and Sete Cidades. The day ended with a dive into Lagoa do Congro.

For us, this “Trash the dress” was the perfect opportunity to have a moment just the two of us, peacefull (with no guests!) and with a photographic reportage, that could only be achieved outside the wedding day.

I loved it! Especially since it was done only a couple of days after we got married! I advise everybody to do it!

I am especially proud of my wedding dress, sewn by my grandmother, aunt and mother!

That whole day was special and I hope every bride will have a special moment like we did!



casamento açores - azores wedding - 16




casamento açores - azores wedding - 52.jpg

Photography by: Golden Days Photography


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