TFY Weddings, why?

1 – What is the concept of TFY Weddings?

TFY Weddings is a brand from Tours For You, focused in developing charming and luxury travel services, providing tailor-made, personalized and creative travel planning, where all details are important. We genuinely believe that each couple will find their special venue and our mission is to assist them on their search.

We truly understand how to create the most special, unique, unforgettable time of your life. It comes from experience, from dedication, from an almost childish sense of curiosity and wonder. And this is why we can offer you a peerless wedding!

We believe every detail is important and it can make the difference in a wedding. We value creativity, the singularity of each couple and our inspiration comes from our roots.

2 – What services do you offer?

TFY Weddings offers a “Tailor-made” service, provided by specialized team of Wedding Planners.

Each wedding is designed according to our client’s wishes, and each proposal is carefully elaborated after a first contact (face-to-face or online meeting) to meet the client’s expectations.

We will assist and guide our clients, through the entire process of planning the wedding. Our offer is only limited by your needs. Maybe you just need a little guidance, or maybe all you need is for us to take care of everything: don’t worry, we will be with you permanently, able to fully organize your Big Day, your honeymoon, to take care of your guests accommodations… And you can trust us to never aim for less than “perfection”.

3 – What is the importance of hiring a Wedding Planner?

A Wedding Planner should be the person to assist and support the engaged couple through the process of wedding planning. Therefore, this person will be with you on every step of the way and will help the engaged couple in the decision-making process by providing accurate information about the venue options and other suppliers necessary for this special day.

For this reason, it is important to develop a connection and a relationship of trust to fully understand what the engaged couple is looking for.

The Wedding Planner will ensure that the client’s wishes are fulfilled for the engaged couple to have the most memorable day of their lives. The professional will diligently and responsibly take care of everything, from the reception venue to the flowers and décors, the photographer and the videographer, the catering, the musicians and, of course, the invitations. We can also arrange other services, like airport transfers or accommodation for small or large groups of guests.

4 – Portugal is increasingly attractive to “destination weddings”. Why many foreigner couples choose Portugal to tie the knot?

There’s something special about Portugal. This strange shaped piece of land is by no measurement a “big” country, but sill, an entire world rests inside of it.

Imagine Atlantic Ocean waves or blue and peaceful waters, nearly untouched sands and breathtaking cliffs. Think about the green and small granite villages and the comforting smell from burning wood penetrating the streets, in the most perfect grey afternoon. Imagine the great terraces with vineyards bathed by the most charmingly sinuous river. Think about the long plains ornamented with cork trees, sunflowers and golden straw, where the sunset offers you a new shade of orange. Imagine a capital city where history and contemporaneity live as neighbors, think about the great wines, food that will delight any palate, imagine a lifestyle driven by pleasure.

Portugal is the perfect scenario for a beautiful love story.

These are only some of the reasons why Portugal is becoming even more sought-after by many engaged couples from different nationalities.

5 – What sets you apart from other wedding/event planning companies?

We believe in creativity, beauty, pleasure and happiness, and we know where to find it! Yes, we know that dreams can come true.

We can take care of all the logistic details, transportation, accommodation and entertainment of your guests or even the Honeymoon. Maybe even other special occasions like the Silver Wedding anniversary, the Gold or the Diamond celebrations… or the Renewal of Vows, with family and friends gathered. Or any unconventional date you wish to celebrate with your soul mate. Be it an intimate dinner party by the sea or an event for hundreds, with trapeze artists and fireworks, you can leave the details to us.

If someday you decide to write a memoir book, there is no better place to do it, than this amazing country – Portugal with TFY Weddings!


TFY Weddings – Sofia Catarino, Wedding Planner

Adress: Rua do Pólo Norte, 18, Escritório 3.1 – 1990-266 Lisboa, Portugal | Telephone: 21 390 42 08  | Email:

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If you’re looking for vendors in Portugal, check our favourite ones!

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